10 Ways To Repurpose Old Bras

1. Knee Pads BABY! Yep, you guessed it, I’ve done this. When I first joined the Roller Derby team here in Costa Rica I had some heavy duty gear I needed. I had to make do with what I had until the big guns arrived from overseas. I used three old double padded bras for each knee. Using two old elastic knee bands I placed the three padded cups inside the inner lining of each and sewed on the sides.

2. Make a quilt. This I saw done at my good friend’s aunts house many moons ago. Being the eclectic bunch my pals tend to be it was quite charming and whimsical to sit in front of a warm Colorado fire and be wreathed in a warm quilt that I noticed was daintily decorated in bras, all sizes and styles and very pretty.

3. Patches on jeans, pants and shirts. I admit it, I first tried this on one of my dads old tweed jackets back in the day. The elbows had those tan suede patches and unfortunately I needed the suede for another project. I took several old bras and created a patchwork like effect on the elbows. It was super cute and very modern at the time.

4. Posh-Decor. Another great friend of mine is enamored of Marilyn Monroe and has a kind of Andy Warhall ode’ to Marilyn thing going on in her bedroom. She has a small wall in her alcove there, where she has tiered four framed beautiful vintage bras on the wall. I love it and it really sets a other worldly romantic tone to the room.

5. Smart Phone Protection. Make a cell phone, Ipod purse and bra pocket sewn onto your things to hold ipods or cell phones. I have yet to do this as I have difficulty in sewing into duffel bags and pack packs but it would come in handy in a multitude of ways. Send me your pics on our Face Book page or just #rawbotanicals on Instagram if you do this!

6. Renew your cami. Using a old, but cute bra whose straps have seen better days you can re-sew your bra into a camisole. I used an old skirt lining made of satin and just pined the lining into the base of the underwire and around the back. I used a ribbon and the button hole setting to creating a criss cross like corset in the back and wala beautiful cami-corsett. Awesome over a white cotton blouse.

7. Sachets. Using a padded bra, take one section and cut down the sides carefully not to rip the fabric. Place dried rice, cloves, vanilla and rosemary in side and re-sew the opening. Place in dressers or closets.

8. Reuse! You can reuse the elastic, hooks for various craft items. You can also cut the hooks off and use as extenders on older bras. Pinterest has a awesome section on headbands made from old bra straps that I just love, my next project for sure.

9. Re-Purpose. Repurpose your bras into the lining of a strapless dress for a form fitting and seamless look. I tried this on a great grey corduroy strapless number I have. This dress never stays up so it was time to make it do so. I took a old yet sturdy thick sided vintage 50’s bra and sewed it into the front, sides and ¾ of the back. You still have to buckle it in the back but it is quick and easy and looks amazing on.

10. Make Gardens. What?!? This is my all time favorite!! Up cycling your old bras into gardens. Please see the Tutorial here.