Monthly Archives: September 2013

How To Recycle and Reuse Our Organza Bags

Bean Sprouts

As you already know by now, here at Raw Botanicals we are super passionate about making sure we are always working towards 100% sustainability. We’ve found that this dream is realized in many forms and today we’re sharing one of our favorite tips: repurposing! Each of our gift packs comes in an Organza Bag. We’ve […]

How To Choose Sustainable Professional Spa Products

The right spa product line can increase sales and drive your business. The wrong choice can cripple your business. There are many professional spa product skincare lines out there. It can be extremely overwhelming for a professional and non-professional alike to make the final decision on what products to choose from. It becomes even more […]

Molly’s DIY Fabric Softner

Growing up on the fringe of hippy meets organic meets mostly vegan lifestyle was challenging at times. One great thing about it was my mom’s inventive ways to clean and create different laundry soaps and replicas of fancy yet toxic fabric softeners that we could not afford. I’ve seen this one on the internet for years […]