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The Green Carpet, or #Sustainable Style

What do Emma Watson and Annie Lenox have in common? Besides being a part of two of my top 10 favorite things (Harry Potter and the Eurythmics), these two lovely ladies have a sincere passion for sustainability, fair trade and making big changes in the way we think and act.

Can you make natural & unscented hair repair products?

You can do it, believe it or not! O.k. I’m getting a flashback of the song from The Greatest American Hero sitcom, in the 80s… loved that show, any-hoo… If you have not seen all of my tips, tricks and any other hair care tidbits out there, then here is your chance to get one […]

Beer is beautiful (for your skin). Seriously.

Beer Is Beautiful Raw Botanicals

Personally I am not a big beer drinker (although, I do love the taste of a good old fashioned oatmeal stout from Boulder Beer Company). But, I did learn something super important around the table growing up. Specifically, the breakfast table. It turns out that brewer’s yeast is not only used to make beer but, […]