Monthly Archives: December 2013

Refill No Brainers

This time there is really no reason you shouldn’t be aware about our awesome Refill Movement Campaign over on IndieGoGo. So here is the deal…do you refill? I mean simple things like… your ketchup… your wet wipes or your Kleenex box? It mind sound a bit odd, but let me explain a few of my favorite […]

Green Is Sexy: #Steampunk Style

Everyone out there know what “steampunk” clothing is? Um… any idea what “steampunk” means? (Psssst – the image above comes from As many of you well know, I love making, crafting, cleaning and fixing things. But I do it full on Martha Stewart with a twist style. The twist is that I live in […]

Trending: Coconut Water is SO 2012

Coconut water was the most over-hyped health trend of 2012, so was it just hype? Hype or not, I absolutely love coconut water and particularly young coconut meat, yummo! Which reminds me of a great childhood moment: receiving a coconut as one of the rare gifts we received at only certain time of the year […]