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With customized plans starting at just $130 per month, our Simplicity Plan saves a typical hotel 30-50% on their bathroom products (body wash, shampoo, lotion, and hair conditioner).


Raw Botanicals refillable bath products are a complete, integrated program. Interchangeable and replaceable components ensure continuous system integrity and performance.

Raw Botanicals refillable eco-bottles provide convenient in-shower delivery of shampoo, hair conditioner and body wash.

Vanity Solution
Our elegant 16 oz. refillable eco-bottles can be elegantly stored on any counter-top to keep hand wash and lotion within easy reach.

Fluid Indicator
Our Raw Botanicals unique label shows housekeeping, at a glance, when it’s time to replenish. Our easy-to-clean eco-bottles usually need refilling only once or twice a month, depending on occupancy rates.

High Visibility
Raw Botanicals refillable eco-bottles offer a 360-degree customizable label that provides more than ample space for highlighting your brand name, product name, and information that guests can easily read.

Quick and Easy Refill
Raw Botanicals quick and easy removable dispenser pump allows for an easy refill of the bottle.


Raw Botanicals bath products range and eco-bottles have been designed to enhance any luxury bathroom environment. The inherent flexibility of our designs allows for precise, professional, customized branding with your logo and customized options for combining colors to match your décor.

Whatever your style – classic or rustic elegance, eco-chic, traditional or contemporary, chain or independent – we can customize Raw Botanicals amenities to suit any property.


We are here to create change! Raw Botanicals refillable bath products eliminate more than 99%
of waste from single-use amenity eco-bottles.

In one year a typical 100-room hotel will use more than 75,000 small amenity eco-bottles and soaps. Take a
moment to imagine that amount of waste.

Raw Botanicals refillable bath products provide a simple way for your hotel to greatly reduce its environmental impact.


Raw Botanicals organic refillable bath products are beautiful, sustainable and economical.

Our modern, unique and recyclable refillable amenity eco-bottles enable your hotel or villa to become a leader in responsible luxury with a superior economy and operational efficiency.

Our recyclable eco-bottles are the first in Costa Rica that allows you to:

  • Ensure you will meet your guests’ highest expectations for quality and elegance with the lowest environmental impact.
  • Increase the power of your brand with a complete and customized private label solution.
  • Provide a financially and environmentally responsible choice.

Raw Botanicals refillable amenities solution reduces both direct and indirect costs by delivering multiple, measurable economic benefits:

  • Saves up to 50% over the individually packaged amenities.
  • Reduces labor costs by decreasing housekeeping time. Eco-bottles are easily cleaned and typically refilled only once a month.
  • Eliminates partially used bottle and packaging material recycling.
  • Improves logistics by reducing shipping and storage of individual eco-bottles.
  • Frees up storage space for more productive use.
  • Reduces product loss due to theft.

Today, your guests demand everything at a higher level. Raw Botanicals amenities:

  • Enables you to give them the highest end organic, local and unique amenity brand presented with a modern style.
  • Allows you to provide our one of a kind soap, shampoos, and lotions to communicate your commitment to sustainability & quality with style.
  • Provides an elegant, efficient vehicle for delivering the most powerful brand impact.