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10 Ways To Repurpose Old Bras

1. Knee Pads BABY! Yep, you guessed it, I’ve done this. When I first joined the Roller Derby team here in Costa Rica I had some heavy duty gear I needed. I had to make do with what I had until the big guns arrived from overseas. I used three old double padded bras for […]

Refill No Brainers

This time there is really no reason you shouldn’t be aware about our awesome Refill Movement Campaign over on IndieGoGo. So here is the deal…do you refill? I mean simple things like… your ketchup… your wet wipes or your Kleenex box? It mind sound a bit odd, but let me explain a few of my favorite […]

The Green Carpet, or #Sustainable Style

What do Emma Watson and Annie Lenox have in common? Besides being a part of two of my top 10 favorite things (Harry Potter and the Eurythmics), these two lovely ladies have a sincere passion for sustainability, fair trade and making big changes in the way we think and act.

Can you make natural & unscented hair repair products?

You can do it, believe it or not! O.k. I’m getting a flashback of the song from The Greatest American Hero sitcom, in the 80s… loved that show, any-hoo… If you have not seen all of my tips, tricks and any other hair care tidbits out there, then here is your chance to get one […]

Want to throw an awesome eco-friendly #Halloween Party?

Eco-friendly halloween party

Thinking of having a Halloween party? Want to make sure you’re doin’ right by mother earth at the same time? The idea here is to find a space that is low cost, near to your guest, i.e. on a bus route, walking distance and or easily coordinated for car-pooling. How about, a public park (works for […]

Are you a caveman, a hummingbird or a field mouse?

Raw botanicals eco eating

With all of the challenges we face everyday it’s no wonder we can become overwhelmed at times when it’s time to eat. For many of us, we may even feel underwhelmed with our options as we may have implemented a diet that is too restricted. Over the years I have literally tried a multitude of “diets”, […]

How To Recycle and Reuse Our Organza Bags

Bean Sprouts

As you already know by now, here at Raw Botanicals we are super passionate about making sure we are always working towards 100% sustainability. We’ve found that this dream is realized in many forms and today we’re sharing one of our favorite tips: repurposing! Each of our gift packs comes in an Organza Bag. We’ve […]

How To Choose Sustainable Professional Spa Products

The right spa product line can increase sales and drive your business. The wrong choice can cripple your business. There are many professional spa product skincare lines out there. It can be extremely overwhelming for a professional and non-professional alike to make the final decision on what products to choose from. It becomes even more […]