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Get all your hotel bathroom products FREE…forever

Would you like to get your hotel bathroom products for FREE…forever? No BS. No multi-level marketing. Nothing shady. Raw Botanicals has a way for your hotel’s bathroom products to pay for themselves. And remove some of your management headaches in the process. It’s called the Simplicity Plan.   Blah..blah..blah..Get to the FREE!!  I will get […]

What is the best way to moisturize your body?

How Do You Stay Hydrated

The best way to moisturize your body is the obvious….drink tons of H2O! It can be overwhelming to keep hearing this, but it’s so true, your skin is the largest organ in the body and it requires fluid to stay youthful and fresh.

How to use facial oil to keep your skin bright and glowing

This is a bit of a continuation from my earlier blog on how to cure cystic acne naturally and permanently. I am a huge advocate of using raw cold pressed oils as your daily and nightly moisturizer, that said, they are not all alike and very literally need to be tried, tested and used over […]

Quick and Easy Cure For Dry Skin

Here is a quick and easy daily regime I give my Medi-Spa facial clients when they need extra help in-between my facial treatments and to supplement their Medi-Spa Facial Kit routine. First, blend together one cup of water and 2 tbs. of APV (apple cider vinegar) and add a dry sprig of rosemary into the […]

Trending: Coconut Water is SO 2012

Coconut water was the most over-hyped health trend of 2012, so was it just hype? Hype or not, I absolutely love coconut water and particularly young coconut meat, yummo! Which reminds me of a great childhood moment: receiving a coconut as one of the rare gifts we received at only certain time of the year […]

Can you make natural & unscented hair repair products?

You can do it, believe it or not! O.k. I’m getting a flashback of the song from The Greatest American Hero sitcom, in the 80s… loved that show, any-hoo… If you have not seen all of my tips, tricks and any other hair care tidbits out there, then here is your chance to get one […]

Beer is beautiful (for your skin). Seriously.

Beer Is Beautiful Raw Botanicals

Personally I am not a big beer drinker (although, I do love the taste of a good old fashioned oatmeal stout from Boulder Beer Company). But, I did learn something super important around the table growing up. Specifically, the breakfast table. It turns out that brewer’s yeast is not only used to make beer but, […]

Want to throw an awesome eco-friendly #Halloween Party?

Eco-friendly halloween party

Thinking of having a Halloween party? Want to make sure you’re doin’ right by mother earth at the same time? The idea here is to find a space that is low cost, near to your guest, i.e. on a bus route, walking distance and or easily coordinated for car-pooling. How about, a public park (works for […]

Are you a caveman, a hummingbird or a field mouse?

Raw botanicals eco eating

With all of the challenges we face everyday it’s no wonder we can become overwhelmed at times when it’s time to eat. For many of us, we may even feel underwhelmed with our options as we may have implemented a diet that is too restricted. Over the years I have literally tried a multitude of “diets”, […]