Curing cystic acne….naturally, it’s in your kitchen!

Raw Botanicals

Today, I am going to review my magical method for curing cystic, adult and teenage acne once and for all.

First, I am going to go over the main reasons why this type of deep, painful acne occurs:

    1. Bacteria, after 15 plus years treating all skin types, ethnicities, and age groups DRY DEHYDRATED skin, is the number one reason for bacterial infection, which almost always leads to acne and cell degeneration. Skin dehydration instigates scaring, decreases skin’s recuperation time, and breeds acne.
    2. Over-cleansing with harsh, skin striping astringents & exfoliants. Every time you attempt to over-cleanse and over-exfoliate with products based in alcohols, alkaline stripping soaps, walnut shell & pumice you are literally going to WAR with your skin. These ingredients cause the pH/acid mantel of your skin to become more alkaline, which you do not want. Why do you ask? Because your skin is naturally acidic and functions best when it’s at a pH of around 5.5, the more alkaline your pH the greater the ability for free radicals and toxins to penetrate causing all sorts of skin disorders. This alkaline acid mantel actually drives your skin into fight or flight mode and begins to increase sebum production. Your skin is literally trying to protect itself against the ongoing battle that you continue to rage against it.

  1. Oil-free, yes I said it! OIL-FREE products, see #1. This is not a good choice much like “fat-free”. These products most ALWAYS contain a form of silicone and alcohol in them. Big giant no-no’s in my world for curing acne. These ingredients can create a mattifying look and the appearance of diminished redness, but it is absolutely temporary and causes the WAR to continue.

Next, what I am going to give you is my trade secret for acne, my magic ingredients that will assist in eliminating your acne for good. The most amazing part is that you will literally find these ingredients in your kitchen! Pay careful attention as I am then going to hand you the Holy Grail in esthetic tools. This is the pentacle necessity to buy for your new acne curing skincare routine!


Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is antibacterial, antiseptic and contains malic and lactic acids (AHAs) that soften, tone, and exfoliate your skin. (I use this in our Medi-Spa Hibiscus Clarifying Floral Water). ACV has a rough pH of 3 when you mix it with water. I recommend steeping a cup of black tea overnight then adding ¼ cup of ACV to 1 cup of your cooled black tea. (Black tea is a vasoconstrictor and will decrease puffiness & redness.) Apply this mixture to a cotton round and swipe over your face, neck, and décolleté. This blend will instantly restore your skin’s proper pH balance, exfoliate dead skin cells (to keep pores unblocked), and over time ward off bacteria.

Use this religiously, morning, midday & evening, after you are at the gym or have spent excessive time outdoors. Remember, this mixture works all over the body, so if you have back acne or suffer in other areas use as described above.


Pure pressed extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and or coconut oil (like our Coconut Bath & Body Serum), used as your morning and evening facial moisturizer. Recent studies have shown that olive oil contains at least four different antioxidants, which can help neutralize damaging free radicals that can lead to skin aging and skin cancer. Apply EVOO onto clean fresh slightly damp skin, massaging thoroughly. If you just can’t handle going out with a dewy/shiny look you can take a Kleenex and pat this over the shiny areas to absorb the excess until you feel comfortable. But please, give this routine a chance, this works!

Why does it work? It’s simple: it conditions and heals your skin and assists in maintaining your natural pH level, thus protecting against bacteria and ending the war on your skin. Eventually, your skin will begin to recognize that it does not need to produce any more unnecessary sebum and your pores will remain free and clear and eliminate old pustules one by one.


The High-Frequency Rod. It may sound fancy and scary but it is as easy to use as your electric toothbrush. If used correctly with the above protocol your acne will soon be cured! I have seen results in under a month, and with consistency, breakouts become far and few between and easily handled. Please make the high-frequency rod a part of your weekly routine. See the link here for purchase. Use on low. Apply the rod first to the skin, then turning it on low. Move rod all over skin once you have applied ACV mixture.

Remember: if you have questions, you can contact me anytime!