Get all your hotel bathroom products FREE…forever

Would you like to get your hotel bathroom products for FREE…forever?

No BS. No multi-level marketing. Nothing shady.

Raw Botanicals has a way for your hotel’s bathroom products to pay for themselves.

And remove some of your management headaches in the process.

It’s called the Simplicity Plan.


Blah..blah..blah..Get to the FREE!! 

I will get to the free part in a second.

First, I want to share how Raw Botanicals has revolutionized bathroom products making the jobs of hotel owners and managers across Costa Rica SO much easier.

Revolutionized bathroom products?

I know it sounds a little like I am boasting. And I am. Why?

  • Raw Botanicals was the FIRST company to offer refillable luxury bathroom products in Costa Rica (and one of the first in the World).
  • Raw Botanicals was the FIRST company in the World to offer bathroom products as a subscription service. That’s the Simplicity Plan.

You: A subscription service…Like Netflix?

Me: Yes.

You: That’s crazy. Why would a hotel what to sign up for a subscription service for their bathroom products?

Me: Because it makes the lives of hotel owners and managers SO much easier.

With the Simplicity Plan, your hotel will enjoy:

  • No bank deposit
  • No ordering of products
  • No checking your inventory
  • No organizing delivery of products
  • No worry about running out of bath products

You may never need to think about your bathroom products again.

Now, are you ready to learn how to get it all of your bathroom products for FREE?


Send us a text us on WhatsApp right now, and say ‘I want the Simplicity Plan’ +506 8416-3535