How To Choose Sustainable Professional Spa Products

The right spa product line can increase sales and drive your business. The wrong choice can cripple your business.

There are many professional spa product skincare lines out there. It can be extremely overwhelming for a professional and non-professional alike to make the final decision on what products to choose from. It becomes even more difficult when you are trying to be eco-conscious and or are trying to reach a “green” and “sustainable” certification standard.

Here are five simple tips that will help you focus on which spa products to select:

  1. What training does the company offer: Do they offer extensive training on their products? More importantly, do they offer specific and transparent explanation on what and why their product line is sustainable and or eco-conscious? If not, walk away.You want to choose a professional spa product line whose company will support any and all questions you have in regards to treatment protocols, video’s for yourself and your staff, sales protocols and a clearly presented retail display. Also be sure to ask what their training protocol entails and what is the cost associated with it. Often the initial training is included with your first purchase. So be sure to find out. What continuing education is offered to keep your staff educated and up to date with new techniques & practices.
  2. Choosing natural, organic or sustainable products: This has been the biggest trend over the last 10 years as more and more spa’s move to organic and natural products. So should your spa be organic? This is a tough one to answer as it is hard for a business to ignore large trends that seem to change an entire industry. But my advice is to first decide what type of spa you are, who your clients are, and then think about if organic products complement that. I have seen too many spas think that going organic is going to do all of the marketing and PR work for them, only to be deeply disappointed. Organic can be a selling point for your spa but don’t think that it will automatically bring you more business. Many spas would do well to focus on an economical spa product line, or a line that is made locally and perhaps is naturally eco-freindly. These are points that may resonate better with their clients, but your experience and your direct target market will help you to figure this out.
  3. Do the products fill your client’s needs: Are you a simple day spa or do you incorporate? medi-spa services like botox or chemical peels? What will your clients expect from the products: immediate results, nice aromas? These types of questions will help you to narrow down what you are looking for. You may need several different lines of products in order to fulfill all of your client’s needs and expectations.Your client will want to be assured by you, that you are not only knowledgeable about this professional spa product line, but they will be interested in what the brand stands for, why it is unique or different, and most importantly what it can do for their skin.
  4. Product pricing: Will the products be affordable for your clients? You must know your Clients and what they will be able and willing to afford. That $300 jar of pearl infused Moisturizer is going to gather a lot of dust if none of your clients ever buy it. My advice is to have the majority of you products at the price point where you’re typical Client will be compelled to make a purchase, and then have one or two inspirational Products for your clients to dream about.
  5. Keep it simple: Whatever professional spa products you choose keep it simple and maintain your professional oath to always consider your client’s individual wellbeing and happiness in every service you provide.