How to get the most out of anti-aging products

How To Use Anti Aging Products

I am a believer that men and women should start using “anti-aging” products as young adults. Said another way: just because a product touts ingredients and formulas that claim anti-aging benefits does not mean that only those over 40 can use it.

That said, I also think it is important to visit a qualified and experienced esthetician at least every three months. It’s just like the dentist, imperative for long term health. Establishing a relationship with such a professional allows them to understand your skin history and your personal skin development – things like genetic issues, history of skin cancers, melasma, psoriasis, etc.

When buying anti-aging products use these tips for more success:

Certified Organic: Make sure what your buying is formulated using certified organic and wild harvested ingredients. One or more of the first five ingredients should have either a BHA, AHA, Retinoid, Hyaluronic acid or anti-oxidant such as Vitamin C ester. The Huffington post has a simple explanation and products I recommend here.

Sustainable: I very much encourage everyone to research what they are buying to understand ingredients, manufacturing policies and sustainability. It’s even worth it to try to speak directly to a knowledgeable representative from the company or retailer first.

Consistent: Only test one product or one line of products a month. not six different products or kits from various lines. Why? Because it is imperative that you give your skin time to make the proper adjustments it needs. One month is a good amount of time to see what results happen from a product. It is common for you to break out, and have dry and oily patches in new regions, whether you are introducing one product or more at a time. Keep a facial diary on hand and write down everything you apply and keep a running report on the reactions and results.

Use available resources: Ask a family member or friend that is a dermatologist, skin care expert or herbologist about ingredients and other product questions. However, don’t over do it! I am not advocating the abuse of my fellow skin care professionals, so choose your question wisely and if you need more time make an appointment.

Remember I am always available to help you individually because this is what this is about! Tailoring your skin care regime, and needs to you… just give me a shout below!