How To Recycle and Reuse Our Organza Bags

Bean Sprouts

As you already know by now, here at Raw Botanicals we are super passionate about making sure we are always working towards 100% sustainability. We’ve found that this dream is realized in many forms and today we’re sharing one of our favorite tips: repurposing!

Each of our gift packs comes in an Organza Bag. We’ve found these have 100s of uses beyond the life of our products and here are just a few of the fabulous ways that we have personally re-cycled, reused and repurposed our lovely organza bags!

  • Cosmetic case
  • Dried Herb & Flower Sachet Bag
  • Yarn storage-craft bag
  • Jewelry bag
  • Shoe bag (flats/slippers/Kids)
  • Stationary bag
  • Coffee Bean bags
  • Bread & Candy bag (Croissants, Mini Muffins, Cookies, Candies)
  • Goody bag
  • Dice & Card bag
  • Wine & Spirits bag
  • The Blossom Bag and…

The Raw Food Sprouting Bag

Make an easy sprouting bag with a Raw Botanicals organza fabric bag that we use in all of our gift packs.
Growing your own sprouts is a frugal way to add fresh vegetables and crunch to your menu. Many people are familiar with the glass-jar method of sprouting, with a canning jar and cheesecloth on the top to hold the seeds while they sprout. Another method uses a sprouting bag. Instead of growing in a jar, the seeds are sprouted in a fabric bag that is periodically rinsed, then hung over a sink to drain until the next rinsing. A thin fabric like the organza bag creates your own fabulous sprouting bags!