Manuel Antonio – Top 12 Most Beautiful National Parks in the World

It is always pleasant to be reminded about why we are so blessed and lucky.

It is also very easy to become distracted and forget to appreciate the little things in life.

So I was pleasantly reminded and dare I say proud to see our beautiful and majestic Manuel Antonio National Park reviewed as one of’s top 12 Most Beautiful National Parks in the World.

13 years ago I could never have imagined that watching titi, white faced and howler monkeys jump through the trees every morning, would be as common place as watching squirrels in the garden growing up.

Unbelievable as it sounds, I have done just that. I have taken for granted these majestic and unique creatures.

One of my fondest memories was our first month here. Against better advice; (we were warned about monkey thievery) we decided to leave our surfboards out on our private yet outdoor deck. Thievery you may think…no, well not in the traditional sense. We were 4 stories up on a sheer cliff what could possibly happen? Monkey’s. Seriously?

Yes, you heard me, monkeys the diabolical white face or “cara blancas”. That very next morning we awoke for the dawn surf and as we groggily reached for the boards we encountered an empty deck. We frantically searched everywhere and finally 3 stories down we saw them, undamaged luckily but extremely difficult to retrieve.

By the time we brought them back up, exhausted, battered and bruised we basically had to admit defeat, yes we knew it the monkey had out smarted us. We were flabbergasted.

How does a 8lb tiny little creature lift and throw a 20lb surf board, and why? Simple revenge. You see we soon learned even more, we were new to the area, new movement, new “decorations” a.k.a. surf boards. And simply put they were having non of it.

To this day, we still have to put away any new decorations and or flower arrangements within the property otherwise pure trouble.

Keep it simple is a way of life here, and these little guys just get it and appreciate the simple things in life. Natural beauty and ambiance sans the unnecessary.

So today this simple blog is about my simple thank you and toast to this beautiful landscape I call home, cheers, salud! Manuel Antonio. Salud my little white faced friends.