Molly’s DIY Fabric Softner

Growing up on the fringe of hippy meets organic meets mostly vegan lifestyle was challenging at times.

One great thing about it was my mom’s inventive ways to clean and create different laundry soaps and replicas of fancy yet toxic fabric softeners that we could not afford. I’ve seen this one on the internet for years yet mom was doing this back in the day. Good ole tennis balls! To be clear, she ALWAYS line dried but there were occasions when winter time made the dryer a necessity.

Vinegar is great because:

  • Naturally softening clothes
  • It assists in removing soap residue and build up
  • It is an effective antimicrobial
  • It helps with static reduction during drying whether on the line or in the dryer

Here are some simple tricks I have used and adapted from mom and around the web.

  1. White Vinegar. Mom’s Holy Grail for everything from floors to laundry. Add about ½ cup at rinse cycle. *Tip I scent my vinegar with fresh eucalyptus and lavender in the winter & fall, and fresh sage and orange peels for spring & summer for antibacterial purposes.
  2. White Vinegar mixed with baking soda. Mix ½ Cup vinegar with 4 cups baking soda. Blend in essential oils of your choice to mix and add to rinse cycle.
  3. White Vinegar mixed with organic hair conditioner & old cotton towels. Of course, I use Raw Botanicals Banana Glistening Hair Balm. Cut old cotton towels into 4 x 3 inch strips. Now fill large bowl with 3 cups vinegar, 1/2 cup organic hair conditioner and your favorite essential oils. Soak 12 pieces in liquid overnight. Strain the next morning and place in plastic zip lock bags. Add one home made dryer sheet to dryer cycle. *Tip: Store remaining liquid in glass or post consumer recycled PET plastic bottle and use 1/3 cup to rinse cycle.