Refill No Brainers

This time there is really no reason you shouldn’t be aware about our awesome Refill Movement Campaign over on IndieGoGo.

So here is the deal…do you refill? I mean simple things like… your ketchup… your wet wipes or your Kleenex box?

It mind sound a bit odd, but let me explain a few of my favorite things about refilling everyday items that do not ONLY include the obvious refilling of bath and body products!

Here are a few “no brainer refills” for your home, which you can easily start with today:

  1. Mr. Lovely honey bear can be refilled with quart and gallon versions which you can find at places like ebeehoney online. If you’re vegan, don’t get yourself in a buzz: here is a link to my favorite bulk raw agave nectar product by organic nectars.
  2. Ummm, duh! Eco-friendly revolutionary steel pint cups and insulated tumblers, baby bottles and bulk ready food containers replace a lifetime of single-use plastic and paper items. My favorite company is
  3. Refillable ink pens, better for the planet and wiser economically than you think. A pack of 12 disposable pens can run anywhere from $4 to $20, your thinking not to bad, but this waste is just ridiculous. Refillable pens cost in the area of $28, typically the refill cartridges come in a two pack for around $2 to $4. I love paradise pens, they make wonderful year round gifts as well.
  4. Solo cup refills. Yep I said it, the company that I have been ranting and raving about regarding nonsensical waste for years has finally redeemed themselves with a refillable canister. The best part for me is that you can use any coffee you like.
  5. Wet wipes & Kleenex. Here is a simple and easy description of how I refill these two items. I purchase both wet wipes and Kleenex in bulk at our local PriceMart store, in the USA you can find these at Cosco and other bulk suppliers. I then simply refill my Kleenex boxes that I have previously recovered and repurposed for long term use. Here is a favorite DIY video of mine that is just in time for the holidays. Xmas tissue box revamp. As for the wet wipes you can use any plastic container. A travel size baby wipe container is ideal for me, (I have had mine since my son was born 7 years ago) however the larger size for home or car is great too. Here is a list of things you can reuse & refill your baby wipe container with so you never throw it away! Thank you Thrifty Fun for these ideas.

So now you’re ready to begin the refill movement on a whole new level.

Please keep me posted on your refill ideas and your attempts to decrease your carbon footprint and waste.

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