Trending: Coconut Water is SO 2012

Coconut water was the most over-hyped health trend of 2012, so was it just hype?

Hype or not, I absolutely love coconut water and particularly young coconut meat, yummo! Which reminds me of a great childhood moment: receiving a coconut as one of the rare gifts we received at only certain time of the year from my green, eco-tree hugging hippie mom. Pure gold to a child of the Pacific Northwest. My brother and I would spend what seemed like hours digging the meat out down to its inner shell.

Today I am fortunate enough to have an abundance of coconuts right outside my door. (PS – this also means I don’t have to give my little brother a beat down anymore for trying to grab a piece because A) he’s much bigger than me and B) there are just too many here in Costa Rica to fight over.)

All this is today, I totally “get” why coconut water was trending so hard in 2012. In fact I have never forgotten that scene in the 1998 Jackie Chan movie, “Who Am I”, where Jackie uses coconut water for an emergency blood transfusion, so sweet. I actually looked into this and was psyched to find out that coconut water can be used for a variety of medical purposes, one of which is intravenous rehydration. Who knew? Let’s remember, we’re talking about coconut water, the liquid found inside a young coconut. This is NOT coconut milk, which is made from grated coconut meat. During World War II, Emergency coconut IVs were reportedly used by the British and Japanese, and they’ve been clinically tested on humans and tolerated overall, pretty well. To be sure, coconut water can’t actually replace blood plasma, its closer in makeup to intracellular fluid. It’s got fewer electrolytes in it than our bodies, and a bit too much potassium, so it’s not an ideal rehydration fluid. However it’s usually sterile and when mixed with plasma it behaves like saline solution. Bottom line: it works in a pinch.

All in all, I give Coconut Water fresh out of the coconut two thumbs up, no hype. I also say it’s totally trend worthy no matter what year it is. Be forewarned, however, I still won’t share my trend-worthy treat with you (unless you need it for a blood transfusion, of course).